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Thread: UAAP finals heartbreak will be a lesson to La Salle's Mbala

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    UAAP finals heartbreak will be a lesson to La Salle's Mbala

    De La Salle University's Ben Mbala, usually the most ferocious player on the court, wept openly on Sunday in the wake of a truly painful loss to their archrival Ateneo de Manila University.A 19-point, 14-rebound performance from Mbala was not enough as the Green Archers bowed to the Blue Eagles, 88-86, in Game 3 of the Season 80 Finals to surrender the Womens Jeff Locke Jersey UAAP crown.

    It was the first time in a very long time that Mbala, by far the most dominant player Womens Vinny Curry Jersey in college basketball right now, had cried tears of sadness and not joy on the basketball court. For the past couple of years, Mbala had done his absolute best to ensure that the La Salle community will experience nothing but delight whenever the Green Archers competed.

    He has won MVP honors in Seasons 79 and 80, and led La Salle to the finals both times. They were triumphant Justin Britt Youth jersey last year, sweeping Ateneo in the finals. This time around, however, Mbala could not power the Green Archers past the Blue Eagles despite his best efforts.
    "They played better as a team," Mbala said of the Blue Eagles. "They stuck to their game plan."
    La Salle found great success whenever they went to Mbala inside the paint, as the 6-foot-8 center repeatedly http://www.nflgiantsofficialonlinest...T-BERHE-JERSEY beat his defenders and muscled his way in for baskets. During a crucial stretch, however, the Cameroonian star found himself stymied by Ateneo counterpart Chibueze Ikeh, who forced a jump ball with just 15.2 seconds left to play and forced La Salle to start fouling the Blue Eagles.
    "You won't always be a winner," said Mbala after the game. "Sometimes, you just have to be on the side of the losers.""Unluckily, we were on the side of the losers," he added.It is a side that Mbala has rarely visited throughout his time in La Salle. In his http://www.winnipegjetsofficialonlin...Stanley-Jersey two seasons with the Taft-based squad, the Green Archers had lost only five games four of which came at the hands of their archrivals, the Blue Eagles.
    There is no doubt that this one is the most painful, and thus, the most instructive."It has to be a learning experience for me," said Mbala. "You can't just learn by winning. You can also learn by losing."
    "This is a situation that you have to learn by losing, and I take it as a man," he added.Already, Mbala is seeing the lessons to be learned from their loss in Game 3. He looked at Derek Stepan Womens Jersey the defeat with a clear eye a few hours after the contest, admitting that La Salle simply "did not get to play our game."
    "We did not have our rhythm," observed Mbala. "We just played within the flow, and we took a lot of bad shots. (We) turned the ball over when it was the most important."The good news for Mbala and La Salle is that he has an opportunity to apply those lessons come next year. The big man fully intends to play another season for the Green Archers, and with him in the fold they will surely be top contenders for the title once more.
    "I still have one more year," said Mbala. "I need to talk to my school, and then we'll figure it out."

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