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    Michael Kors Outlet Online Leather ZB66KQ-TFD-524 - sz240a4abm compre

    Excessive sweating can be a sign of infection,Michael Kors Outlet Online Leather, stress or a decline in sex hormones,Michael Kors | Logo Signature Tote (Mocha), or it can be normal for you. When your body temperature rises, hot blood flows to your brain, which sends signals to increase the flow of blood to your skin and start you sweating. Your body temperature rises naturally when you exercise or have an infection. However, you can sweat without a high temperature when hormone levels drop. At the menopause,Michael Kors Makeup, women lose most of their estrogen and when their temperatures rise,Watches For Women On Sale, they sweat, even if the change is from below normal to normal. The same mechanism occurs when men lose their hormones, such as when they are being treated for prostate cancer.
    You sweat the most under your arms and around your breasts, genitals and rectum. Many cases of excessive sweating can be controlled by applying products such as Drysol (20 percent aluminum chloride in alcohol) on your armpits and wrapping plastic wrap over them before you go to sleep If your armpits itch or burn,Michealkorsbagsoutlet, remove the plastic and wash the area with soap and water. This process reduces sweating for six to eight days. You can repeat the procedure when you start to sweat heavily again.
    Most antiperspirants contain aluminum, which is the third most abundant element on the earth's surface and is safe for external use. Increased amounts of aluminum have been found in brains of people who have died of Alzheimer's disease, but all damaged tissue picks up heavy metals. The increased aluminum is the result of the damage, not the cause. No responsible studies have demonstrated any link between antiperspirant use and Alzheimer's, breast cancer or any other disease.
    Many people sweat because they are nervous about appearing before an audience. An Inderal pill one half hour before public speaking or any other high-pressure event can prevent the sweating,Micahelkors, shaking and other effects of stage fright. Check with your doctor.
    For journal references and additional information on remedies for excessive sweating see /morehealth/G168.htm
    Dr. Gabe Mirkin has been a radio talk show host for 25 years and practicing physician for more than 40 years; he is board certified in four specialties, including sports medicine. Read or listen to hundreds of his fitness and health reports at
    Free weekly newsletter on fitness, health and nutrition
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