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Thread: Lindsay Stalzer upbeat Petron can get job done in Game 2

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    Lindsay Stalzer upbeat Petron can get job done in Game 2

    The vaunted net and floor defense of F2 Logistics had no answer for the pair of Lindsay Stalzer and Hillary Hurley on Tuesday, as the imports powered Petron to a surprising three-set victory over the Cargo Movers in Game 1 of the Philippine Superliga Grand Prix finals.

    Stalzer and Hurley each scored 20 points in a variety of ways, with the former firing 15 attacks on top of three blocks and two aces. Hurley scored 16 of her points via kills. Together, the two imports anchored Petron's blistering offense in what turned out to be a comfortable 25-14, 25-21, 25-16 triumph.

    That the Blaze Spikers won in straight sets came Doug Flutie Authentic Jersey as a surprise for most observers, who had expected a slugfest between the Womens Tom Rathman Jersey two powerhouse squads. Indeed, Petron entered the best-of-three finals as the slight underdog, having dropped its elimination round game to F2 Logistics in four sets.
    Stalzer, a veteran import who is in her fourth stint Ryan Hewitt Jersey in the PSL, was not so shocked at the result."The amount of dedication that we've shown in the past couple of weeks, I'm just over the moon because we put in so much time and effort and mental energy," said Stalzer.
    Given how much they had prepared for the finals against the Cargo Movers, Stalzer was gratified rather than surprised at how well they played."I couldn't be happier with the result tonight," said the 33-year-old import. "It was a team effort, and everybody was at the top of their game."
    "This was the best we've played, I think," she added. "So this is the perfect time to peak. I'm just really happy."Stalzer fully expects F2 Logistics to bounce back: the Cargo Movers were shockingly listless in Game 1, but their coach, Ramil de Jesus, is http://www.officialsanfranciscogiant...ER-JERSEY.html known for his ability to make smart adjustments. Robert Bortuzzo Jersey Moreover, they boast of a powerful pair of imports as well, in Maria Jose Perez and Kennedy Bryan.
    "I don't think it's going to be quite as easy in Game 2," Stalzer acknowledged. "They're definitely going to go and think of everything they can do to stop us, so we'll try and anticipate and just prepare as well."
    She is bracing for a bounce-back game from Perez, who had 15 points all on attacks in Game 1. Stalzer is very familiar with the Venezuelan player, as they were teammates while playing in Indonesia.
    "I have a lot of respect for Maria. She's a great player and a good friend," said Stalzer. "But you know, she's across the net, so I'm going to take it to her and give the best I got."Though she anticipates a fightback from the Cargo Movers and from Perez in particular, Stalzer remains reasonably confident that Petron can wrap up the series in Game 2 on Thursday at the FilOil Flying V Centre.
    "We can always improve," she said, hinting that Petron can play even better than they did last Tuesday, when they committed only nine unforced errors as a team a remarkable number."I'm very confident going into the next game," added Stalzer, who can become a three-time PSL Grand Prix champion should the Blaze Spikers triumph on Thursday. The American import was part of Foton when the Tornadoes won the past two Grand Prix. NFL Jerseys Nike MLB Baseball Jerseys MLB Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale NFL Jerseys China New Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys USA

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