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Thread: South Africa tour: 'Want nothing less than victories'

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    South Africa tour: 'Want nothing less than victories'

    Rohit Sharma has now set his sights on the upcoming tour of South Africa after leading the Indian team to an ODI and T20I series victory against Sri Lanka, in the absence of regular captain Virat Kohli.

    India are set to face South Africa away from home in a full-fledged series, consisting of three Tests, six ODIs and three T20Is, starting in Cape Town from January 5.Rohit made it clear that the South Africa series has been on the minds of the http://www.cardinalsofficialonlinesh..._Iupati_Jersey Indian dressing room and they are looking for nothing less than a win overseas.
    "We have already been talking a lot about it (Test series in South Africa) in the team dressing room during the matches against Sri Lanka," Rohit told Aaj Tak in an exclusive interview.
    "Our team, with the kind of cricket we have been playing for the last few years, will be a force to reckon with. We want to go there to win and not settle for a draw. Can't win thinking of a draw, not even of drawing the last two games after winning the first Test. We have to win everything.
    The last time we went to South Africa, we had an opportunity to win the series but things didn't work out. The first Test ended in a draw and we made a mess of the second Test after being in a strong position," said the swashbuckling opener who scored a ton each in Test, ODI and T20 series against Sri Lanka, recently.
    The 30-year-old from Mumbai has been in the spotlight for the past few weeks, first making an unbeaten 102 not out in the Nagpur Test against Sri Lanka and then following it up with 208 not out -- his third ODI double hundred -- in Mohali.
    Rohit did not stop there and made the T20 series also his hunting ground. Before Sri Lanka departed home, Rohit smashed a 35-ball century, the joint-fastest in T20 internationals, at Indore's Holkar Stadium.
    "I try to play the ball on merit," Rohit said before continuing in detail about his style of batting. "We don't have the strength of a (Chris) Gayle or an ABD (AB de Villiers) so timing is important. You don't need to hit a 120-yard six, just clearing the boundary for a six is sufficient. So, after getting a good start, or maybe crossing a Sean Davis Jersey half-century, I know that the bowlers can't do much.
    "Test cricket is different though. There you would get bowlers who bowl at good spots and try to get you out in every session. But in ODIs, you get out more because of your own mistake. I have tried to make less mistakes and make sure I last long. When you open, you have the opportunity to play from the first ball till the 300th. Even the number two, like Shikhar Dhawan, does not get this opportunity as I play the first ball," he Authentic New York Islanders Jersey said.
    However, Rohit did not start with batting like many would think and it is only gradually that the opener's abilities got unearthed.

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