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Thread: people lacking writing interest or look very dirty

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    people lacking writing interest or look very dirty

    I would like to give my thoughts on the outlook as a whole. Point 1 is that I can not be the only player not the Bundesliga, but I struggled to fit in to talk. See farther I am sure EA able to play Leverkusen though.That then brings me to the fact that I will not be this week to pick up the bronze lace EA will usually bronze or two tucked in there (Simon is a silver SIF is) every week just to be honest. Skraml this player would be, but I can not see personally.I two Austrian league IF can be written more weeks with this team, but I do not want a wall of text for people lacking writing interest or look very dirty, so if you tell me if additional explanation and my thoughts about what could happen would be something that would interest you, I can be done easily. Or if you have any other ideas about what I will do my best to implement this special FIFA 15, and I just pick a player Serie A this week and this item goes to Reina, who made seven saves and kept a clean sheet in Naples 1-0 win over Roma . There are two other players can come out of Serie A, which is Kwadwo Asamoah and Gabriel Paletta, but I can not for the week side.DefendersAntonio both Rukavina - RB - 75 another loss to Barcelona and compete for the title, it is more exciting BBVA. This time, in the hands of Valladolid to beat Barcelona 1-0. Rossi took aim and Marino made six saves, but I can, however, Antonio, which is excellent in game.Steven Kolker was to see IF - CB - 74, Ultimate Team Coins which I think that the mid-season testifies TIF Kolker. Well, it is now safe to say that this is actually going to happen after Kolker CB scored twice in a 3-1 win against Fulham in Cardiff. I must say that this card is very attractive for eye.Marko Ba Scaron; men - CB - 77 Basa mark and claimed a secondary assist in a 2-0 victory over Lille Montpellier.Marcelo - LB - 83 the first two players from Real Madrid you have chosen. Marcelo scored and on the cross, which resulted in a goal in the 3-0 win against Real Madrid Levante.MidfieldersEzequiel Lavezzi - LW ??- 85 and one of the favorite players of FIFA's past should receive SIF, and it seems incredible that will add on. Anyway Lavezzi scored two goals in the win Paris Saint-Germain 3-0 to Bastia. In addition, student 8 in L'Equipe TOTW.

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