how to do? once your hair clean, and let it dry for 5 minutes in a microfiber towel. please do not hesitate to make small movements of the pressure with your hands to dry up your hair. it then texturisante foam on the roots, lengths, and spikes. the trick to getting the lay a nut on a comb and comb the foam of the hair. let dry your hair in the air shaking your head down regularly to take off the roots.

the followers of the wavy
for what kind of hair? slightly wavy hair, sparkling, and can realize the flexible tip hair. if you are thick and very smooth, wavy undulations may not take all day.

how to do? use saline spray on wet hair, length up to the end. separate the hair into four or five divisions and braid each. if you wish to obtain more or less defined waveforms, have only 2 or 3 locks. dry your hair for a whole night, and defeated the hair buy full lace wigs uk in the morning. you only need to move your fingers in your hair, easy to make the whole.

for a glossy
for what kind of hair? then, if your hair is glossy, smooth and thick, soft. if you have hair, it might make your roots and your scalp too apparent.