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Thread: People Keep Trying To Win Fortnite Without Weapons

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    People Keep Trying To Win Fortnite Without Weapons

    The last man standing at the 100-person survival shot wins everything. The majority of the time, this takes a blend of gun ability, fort-building finesse and tactics. It's not something a lot of people may brag about, but the men and women who can brag about it desired to make it somewhat harder for themselves. For months, players have been trying to match the largest Fortnite materials game around with no-weapons challenges. Meaning winning Fortnite with no shotguns, no grenades, no sniper rifles, no nothing--only a pickax, that does minor damage, but is much more of a tool than a weapon.

    Fortnite YouTubers in particular are getting in to the no-weapons challenge with varying degrees of success. Back in January, YouTuber Ali-A decided he'd attempt to win a match using only materials, buildables, protects, med children and bandages, he said in his movie is"arguably the toughest challenge from the game." It's a pacifist run, basically. His go at it was wild. As the map got smaller, his opponents all slowly and thoroughly murdered each other, shooting at him when they had the opportunity. He stayed alive, however. With two players left, Ali-A barricaded himself in a brick fortress only a couple of meters outside the playable area. As the opponent fired, he continually reconstructed his fort.

    Lots of other YouTubers have tried their hand at winning without weapons. A month earlier Ali-A, YouTuber Lachlan's tried a no-weapons run, which he calls the"pickaxe challenge," and landed at #2. They spent a lot of time hiding in bushes and, in the long run, resorted to grenades and bombs. The previous opponent died in a snare.

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