A smart and classic cutting, easy to wear, offers the possibility of a variety of hairstyles. For example, you can use pliers to pull out your hair, or put on a band one night to personalize your hair.

What kind of hair? Slim hair
Barber Company, Autumn and Winter Series 20082009
He liked the fake women's court. Hair is long, but we have to base it on short hair. For those who want a haircut But it's not very good.
What kind of hair? This hairstyle requires a certain amount of material and smooth hair that can be easily placed.

A personality hairstyle with this destructive volume can attract more than one personality Practicality and Charm Our advice: Dare to sit down and move your hair. Your hairstyle must survive.
What kind of hair? For hairstyles like this, lacewigsbuy hair with materials is smooth or slightly curly.
Take out your paws with this short, owllike hairstyle An ideal hairstyle for women with irregular or even curly hair.